We propose to participate with you in the organization for the bachelor party of boy or girl aboard our boat so that this particular moment will forever burn in your memories.


Boat trip for a bachelor party boy or girl in the Basque Country.


Bachelor party on the boatSortie en bateau pour un enterrement de vie de garçon ou de jeune fille au Pays Basque.

We invite you to participate with the organization for the burial of life of boy or girl aboard our boat so that this particular moment remains forever engraved in your memories. We propose for 10 people to board the boat at the port of Hendaye and we can offer several circuits each as moose as each other. Imagine !!! :

We leave the port with your friends, the fridges full of good things, drinks, tapas, music and we sail to Spain with the sun as a companion. We drive along the coast of the Basque country while you discover these landscapes with a drink in hand, a tapas in the other hand all on your playlist or on one of our embedded playlist with Deezer. We can approach a small cove for you to enjoy an unusual swim before heading back to San Sebastian where the evening will begin.


Bachelor party EVJF & EVG

Sortie bateau EVJF & EVG Pays Basque Hendaye

We will drop you off at the San Sebastian harbor, which is right in the center of this beautiful city that is waiting for you to celebrate with your friends this moment full of emotion. We can wait for you at anchor during the time of the night out that you want or if you consider an EVJF & EVG without limit, you can consider staying on site or leave the next morning with the Topo direction Hendaye for a night of madness.

This remains a proposal for EVJF & EVG in the Basque Country, we can modulate the boat trip EVJF & EVG so that it looks like you the most. Do not hesitate any more, contact us to talk about it together so that this particular moment remains engraved in the memories.

EVJF & EVGunlimited in the Basque Country

sortie bateau Egiategia



We offer this trip in half day, full day, or in the evening, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

  1. Boat trip EVJF & EVG

Price for a boat trip to a bachelor party in the Basque Country

Bateau 13,50 m tout confort pour une sortie en mer dégustation plateau fruits de mer

So that you can spend an unforgettable moment, we propose only this exit in privatized boat with max 10 people, an exceptional exit in boat awaits you !!!

Price: We can propose you several formulas, with or without buffet at will, champagne, for a few hours or a day, so do not hesitate any more, contact us to have all the information for a boat trip for a bachelor party or girl in the Basque country.

Réserver une sortie en bateau brunch du dimanche au départ d'Hendaye

This activity depends on the weather conditions and the sunshine of the moment.

Payment accepted: Bank cards or cash.


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Embarkation and parking

We propose you to meet us in front of the parking of the marina of Hendaye so that you can park your vehicle inside the reassured enclosure of the port.